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Patios: stone patios are a beautiful addition to any home's exterior. They are great for entertaining or just creating a relaxing atmosphere in and Connecticut. A variety of materials can be used in many textures and colors. We install stone, tumble, paver, and brick patios. Wherever you live, we can give you the look you want

Outdoor living spaces: Whether you are looking for a simple custom deck or an outdoor living experience, we can create a comfortable outdoor environment and allow you to enjoy one of life's simple pleasures (your outdoor space) year-round.

Walkways: A walkway becomes much more than a sidewalk and a patio more than a concrete slab, when it is constructed of handpicked stones carefully laid into place by an artist. Let us transform your yard with a meandering, magical pathway that leads to your garden or pool. Let’s convert your patio into a true backyard destination.

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